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About Us

Josh + McKenna

We’re silly, adventurous, and don’t mind getting our hands dirty. We love what we do, we work hard  to capture those special moments for couples and families.


Our Story

We met in an underground parking garage, of all places. Totally romantic, right?

We quickly fell in love and got married in 2018. We scrimped and saved and worked our butts off so we could buy a house, get a dog, and so McKenna could finally start her business in the beginning of 2020. We are located in Orem, Utah with our darling dog/son, Kenai! Yes, we are grotesquely obsessed with our dog.

(Please forgive us for talking way too much about him, he is our pride and joy.)

After 2 years of working on our business (McKenna Fuller Digital Marketing + Photography) It was time for a revamp.

Cue... Citrus & Pine Creative


We love our clients, new and old! We have worked creating content for businesses and capturing special moments for families and couples.

McKenna is a marketing geek, photography wiz, and social media guru. Her passion for marketing ignited in her high school marketing class, where she fell in love with the subject! She found it fascinating the way design, psychology, and technology combined to help businesses grow in the digital world.

Josh is our analytical business savvy accountant-man. He loves sauce, (legit the man has a passion for condiments), he loves his lawnmower, numbers, snowboarding, and making friends. He's a big help for all photoshoots, and marketing campaigns. He's also the second-shooter for weddings, and king of keeping everything organized and on-track.

We’re silly, adventurous, and don’t mind getting our hands dirty, we love what we do, we work hard, and aim to create beautiful content for businesses and capture those special moments for couples and families.


When we’re not working or doing house projects, you can find us roaming the mountains of Utah either hiking the summer or skiing in the winter. We LIVE for adventure! We love sharing our adventures over on Instagram.

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